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One Commitment.

Producing Natural

Our commitment is to provide top-quality zeolite products that empower farmers and animal owners to achieve exceptional results while promoting the well-being of their animals and the environment.

Jasmine Honey Group

produces natural zeolite, a mineral used as a feed supplement for animals. Zeolite enhances animal health by absorbing toxins, reducing digestive issues, and improving feed efficiency. It also boosts meat, egg, and milk quality, while protecting against fungal toxins. Zeolite is a vital addition to animal feed for better performance, health, and production.

Zeolite for Plants

zeolite is used in agriculture for plant growth enhancement. It is applied to the soil as a soil conditioner or in combination with fertilizers to improve nutrient retention, water retention, and cation exchange capacity in the soil. This, in turn, leads to better plant growth and increased crop yields.

Improved Nutrient Retention

Enhanced Water Retention

Better Soil Aeration

Reduced Soil Salinity

Zeolite for Animals

natural zeolite that is widely used as a feed supplement for animals. It is known for its ability to absorb toxins, improve digestive health, and enhance feed efficiency in animals. This type of zeolite is primarily intended for livestock and poultry.

Toxin Adsorption

Improved Digestive Health

Enhanced Nutrient Utilization

Meat, Milk, and Egg Quality

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