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Experience the brilliance of cleanliness with our innovative range of products, designed to transform your space into a pristine sanctuary.


Explore our diverse selection of disinfectants, available in various forms tailored to suit your needs. From surface sprays to laundry additives, our versatile range ensures thorough disinfection across surfaces, utensils, clothing, and furniture, providing comprehensive protection for your environment.

Vixel Laundry
Detergent Powder

Experience the ultimate in cleaning with our powerful stain removal solution. Our economical and versatile formula not only tackles tough stains but also provides comprehensive cleaning across various surfaces. Enjoy the long-lasting freshness of our signature scent, ensuring your space stays refreshed for longer.


Vixel Dishwashing Liquid is a highly effective and economical product that gently cleans dishes and hands. Its unique formula is tough on dirt and grease, but gentle on skin.

Vixel Multi-Purpose

Its innovative formula can completely clean and disinfect surfaces, remove stubborn stains from carpets, and prevent the spread of crawling insects.

Vixel Liquid Laundry Detergent

Vixel Liquid Laundry Detergent provides a delightful washing experience. Safe for use on fabrics and washing machines, it ensures a luxurious touch and perfect finish for clothes, whether white or coloured. it ensures exceptional cleaning and tackles stubborn stains effortlessly.

Vixel Liquid
Hand Soap

Vixel Liquid Hand Soap is enriched with skin-nourishing ingredients that leave your hands feeling soft and smooth. Our unique formula contains natural and safe ingredients that are gentle on your skin.

With Vixel Liquid Hand Soap, you can enjoy a luxurious hand-washing experience that leaves your hands feeling clean, refreshed, and soft.

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