Import & Export

  • We scout importers, agents and distributors.
  • Products and supplier selection.
  • Market and target analysis.
  • Business trips organization and matching.
  • Assistance for trade fairs and exhibitions organization.
  • Corporate identity development and promotion.
  • Deal, buy/sell management.
  • Pre and post-sales assistance (orders, deliveries check and follow up).
  • Full integrated logistic services for completely successful results.

Exclusive Agencies

(Dr. Alya Terjuman the owner of Jasmine Honey) has got several agreements with many companies such as:
  • A profession in medical solutions, in a collaboration with SPY (Saudi Arabia, Dr. Assem Amba), importing their goods to Syria.
  • Sutcon Sutures Company (Jordan) in Syria.
  • Dr. Terjuman was also one of the founders of the United Sham (Medical Solutes Production Factory).

Manufacturing Chemicals

Chemical manufacturing is the process through which a chemical is synthesized from raw materials or other chemical feedstocks. Product formulation is the process by which chemical products, composed of one or more ingredients, are prepared according to the product formula. This module: (1) describes the process for manufacturing the chemicals in the use cluster; and (2) describes the chemical product formulation process, if applicable.


Manufacturing Cosmetics

Manufacturing cosmetics requires a very sensitive processes with chemical or natural compounds that are more considered to be mixing between herbs and natural oils with a specific equipments that can include the perfect medium to have the desired mixture of creams or others. Jasmine Honey Group started manufacturing cosmetics depending on natural resources. Starting with that, JHG has start producing creams and shampoos and then developed its labs to expand in production and start producing sterilizers.

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